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I am moving blogs because of many different reasons, but the main one is simply I’m following a lot of inactive blogs and a lot of inactive blogs are following me. Anyway, THIS is my new blog. I’m slowly starting to follow everyone back, so if you notice I haven’t gotten the chance to follow you yet shoot me a message!

If you want to see the extended reason read below the read more~

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in case you weren’t around earlier today!

I have a date in 2 hours and I’m super nervous and butterflies and shaking and ;-;

I know nobody uses livejournal anymore but I made a new one so I can have each of the updates put together and such.

So, if you’re interested at all: here it is. :3


I love how Selene is turning out.

Its turning out beautifully :3


I opened my game for the first time in three months.

…it crushed before I could do anything… like in the old times!


Langley Falls

I’ve worked on this for half the night last night, and this night. I have houses to decorate but I wanna sim damn it. Ugh. Also, Langley Falls is a bit of a misnomer. There are no falls.